Radhika Apte in Latest Design Lehengas


Radhika Apte Poses for Femina Wedding Times

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Her outspoken, unruffled demeanour has invited trolling on occasion, but in her opinion, “Anyone who is mildly known gets trolled. Social media comes with a side, where anonymous people can spew negativity. It’s simple: if I’m being asked something relevant to my work, I’ll talk about it. I don’t make remarks for the sake of headlines.” Among the many reasons behind Radhika’s happiness with her work is the evolving image of the Bollywood heroine. Today, young A-list heroines have tied the knot and embraced motherhood while leading active professional lives. “I think, earlier, married heroines lost their spot in the limelight because it was deemed appropriate for them, as married women, to raise a family and slip into a more domestic role. Secondly, the audiences didn’t find a married heroine appealing anymore because she was no longer ‘available’. Whatever the notion, I am opposed to both and glad it has changed.”


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